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12 Congresso Mundial de Medicina Chinesa em Barcelona

Entre os dias 24 a 26 de Setembro de 2015, o Dr. Hong Jin Pai esteve na cidade de Barcelona, na Espanha, onde foi convidado para dar uma aula sobre sua tese de doutorado de Acupuntura na Asma, para médicos e palestrantes do mundo todo, no XII Congresso Mundial de Medicina Chinesa.

O evento foi apoiado pela Fundação Européia de Medicina Tradicional Chinesa, e pela WFCMS (World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies), e contou com a participação de mais de 1000 congressistas do mundo todo.



12th World Congress of Chinese Medicine

12th World Congress of Chinese Medicine



Fundación Europea de Medicina Tradicional China.

Fundación Europea de Medicina Tradicional China.

Sobre a World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS)

A WFCMS é uma organização acadêmica internacional, com sede em Beijing – China, com mais de 186 sociedade-membros distribuídos em mais de 50 países nos cinco continentes.

O Dr. Hong Jin Pai recebeu o título de Professor de Acupuntura pela WFCMS.



Dr Hong Jin Pai Congresso Mundial de Acupuntura

Dr Hong Jin Pai Congresso Mundial de Acupuntura

Dr Hong Jin Pai Congresso Mundial de Acupuntura

Dr Hong Jin Pai Congresso Mundial de Acupuntura





Successfully completed the World Congress of Chinese Medicine (World Congress of Chinese Medicine 2015) held in Barcelona last weekend

Last weekend took place in Barcelona the 12th World Congress of Chinese Medicine . The Opening ceremony was held on September 25 and in the same Dr. Davide Mulmusi intervened on behalf of the City of Barcelona, ​​Her Excellency Ms. She Jing, president of the World Federation, Dr. Ramon Maria Calduch, president of the WFCMS Supervision Board and vice president of the European Foundation of TCM, His Excellency Dr. Ma Jianzhong, deputy commissioner of State Administration of TCM, PR China, His Excellency Dr. Zhang Qi, head of traditional medicines of the World Health Organization, His Excellency Mr. Tang Heng, General Consul of the RP China in Barcelona, ​​Mr. Liu Zhongliang, chairman of the Association of medical and pharmaceutical goods of PR China, and, finally, the Honorable Minister of Health of the Government of Catalunya Dr. Boi Ruiz, who after his speech inaugurated the Congress.

After the Opening ceremony and after the group photo, gave way to the lectures of the keynote speakers who participated in Dr. David Graham, chairman of the ISO / TC249 TCM, Dr. Attilio Mucelli, coordinator of the European project CHETCH research, and the eminent doctors of Chinese medicine Dr. Chen Rixin and Dr. Fu Zhonghua. From there, they began the different parallel sessions that were presented over the weekend, a total of 192 papers and 6 workshops.

During the Congress, the General Assembly WFCMS was also performed, which presented the Report on the work of WFCMS exposed by President She Jing; the report on the development of WFCMS Branch presented by the deputy secretary Huang Jianyin; the report on the Construction of Service System of Prominet TCM Doctor’s Academic Experience presented by the Deputy Secretary Xu Chunbo; and finally, Research Organization Construction of WFCMS presented by Secretary Li Zhenji which led to the modification of the Board, with the addition of four new vice presidents, two new members of the Supervision Board, and new members to the executive members of the presidium and executive council members. To highlight the resignation of the secretary general Li Zhenji for personal reasons and age. Then proceeded to vote on the new charges, be elected as new vice presidents Dr. Zhu Miansheng (France), Dr. Zhang Yi (South Africa), Mr. Tony Staudinger (Germany) and Deborah Lincoln (USA). As new vice presidents of Supervision Board chaired by Dr. Ramon Maria Calduch were elected Sergio Bangrazi (Italy) and KuHuynh Hoc (Australia). In place of the Secretary General he was elected Professor Huang Jianyin.

After a brief pause, Dr. Nenad Kostanjsek of the World Health Organization gave a talk on Stadistical International Classification of Disease and Related Health Problem in Occupational Health (ICD-11), before moving on to discuss the status of Chinese medicine in the different countries, WFCMS priorities for the coming years, and the observations and recommendations on the work of the secretariat. At the suggestion of Dr. Calduch the desirability of a Working Commision in regulation to deal favorably influence the governments of the various countries in which Chinese medicine is not regulated discussed. It was unanimously agreed that Dr. Calduch preside over this Working Commision and be responsible for proposing the experts that will be part of it and to prepare the business plan.

Also during the weekend as part of the Congress, the annual meeting of the European Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (PEFOTS), chaired by Dr. Dong Zhilin and which was attended by the vice presidents was held Dr. Ramon Maria Calduch, Dr. Carlo Maria Giovanardi, Dr. Shen Huijun, Dr. Bernadette Ward and Dr. Charis Theocharous and Secretary Dr. Umberto Mazzanti.

At the meeting issues such as the Congress of PEFOTS for next year 2016, improvements to the website, the situation of the regulation of acupuncture and Chinese medicine in Portugal, sharing of positions for themes treated treat the general assembly of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, and the offer received from ETCMA to establish a partnership.

As for the next Congress PEFOTS, there are two offers to do it in Italy and Cyprus. It was agreed that the two countries would agree, so one organizes the Congress in 2016 and another in 2017. With regard to possible institutional agreement with ETCMA, it was agreed to delegate to the vice president Bernadette Ward to negotiate with the institution and transfer proposals to the board for discussion PEFOTS.

The Congress was attended by over 1,000 participants from 35 countries and was attended by 28 exhibitors from companies, from different countries, of which more than half of Chinese companies.

During the welcoming banquet was presented with certificates of recognition to outstanding professionals from different countries, videos of different universities, hospitals, publishers and research centers of Chinese medicine China PR had an exchange of plaques took place between the FEMTC , WFCMS and participating institutions, and finally could enjoy Hua Xing Choral Society Choir from Singapore who served during dinner.

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